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April, deposits and loans of financial institutions, the

At the end of April, the city's foreign currency deposits in financial institutions was 2.6146 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.3%, representing a drop of 1.89%. In April, deposits increased by 12.1 billion yuan, compared with an increase of 32.6 billion yuan. Of which: household deposits decreased 14.8 billion yuan, up by 11.8 billion yuan less; deposits of non-financial enterprises increased 19.5 billion yuan, compared with an increase of 6.8 billion yuan; general government deposits decreased 10.4 billion yuan, up by 31 billion yuan non-banking financial institutions deposits increased 16.2 billion yuan, compared with an increase of 43.5 billion yuan. At the end of April, the city's financial institutions and foreign currency loans totaled 2.4299 trillion yuan, up 11.05%, representing a drop of 2.52%. In April, an increase of 12.4 billion yuan of loans, compared with 4.1 billion yuan in less. Of which: household loans increased by 1.4 billion yuan, compared with 2.3 billion yuan in less; non-financial companies and organizations, loans increased by 11.3 billion yuan, compared with 1.6 billion yuan in less non-banking financial institutions loans decreased by 300 million Yuan, compared with reduction of 400 million Yuan.

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