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Crack mortgage loans three minutes and enjoy "low interest rate"

      entered in June, with the easing of credit conditions, many borrowers mortgage consumer loan demand has also risen. "Wik Ansett" points out, the borrower when obtaining a mortgage loan from banks, interest rates will generally rise, current home mortgage interest rates on the benchmark floating between 10%-30%, then what factors can affect loan rates? In addition to "shop around" pick different loans banks, what are some ways to help borrowers get lower rates, saving interest on loans?

factors: borrower qualifications, age, location of housing
"Wik Ansett" learned from Bank mortgage loan processing, loan interest rate policies favours better qualification of the individual borrowers. Can say lending rates are directly linked to the qualifications and credit. Borrowing people application information Hou, Bank main from work units, and income and the water, aspects study, qualification good of borrowing people as 500 strong enterprise employees or State units civil servants,, income stable, and personal credit no late,, General mortgage property application loan Shi interest rate will relative drop, and full paragraph purchase ever loan records of in loan interest rate Shang also than has loan records of people occupy advantage.
loans Tips: "Wik Ansett" pointed out that borrowers in peacetime should pay special attention to their own personal credit, view the credit report before applying for a loan, be aware of, in order to reduce the loan's interest rate.

two factors: borrowers name on location, age of housing
"Wik Ansett" pointed out that banks also have to examine the qualification of the mortgage House. The assessed value of the House, House location, the discounted value of the House will have certain effects on loan interest rates. Most banks or credit intermediary only age in less than 20 years of real estate, so before going through the mortgage, borrowers also need to consult in advance the loan servicer, understanding of the specific circumstances of their own property.
loans Tips: "Wik Ansett" pointed out that the borrower needs to know in advance the home prior to the loan amount, loan intermediaries to apply, by professional assessment authority to assess real estate, and then decide whether to House as collateral, so as to save interest on their loans.

three factors: borrowers name on housing units in
in addition to examine the borrower's personal credit and housing, many banks have borrowers housing units under in-depth investigation, look at the borrower's name has no second homes. "Wik Ansett" considers that, generally speaking, the borrower if individual qualification is good, but in the case of mortgage a House can provide name in addition to supporting a home, usually on loan interest rates to give certain concessions. In addition, the borrower only if the name on a home and immediate family housing can also be used as supporting material, apply for a mortgage loan.



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