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Huarong asset management company denied that provides loans to Chinese

China huarong asset management Corporation, a statement contradicting before Li Hejun, which is privately held, registered in the British Virgin Islands of the Hina group said from huarong asset management, a subsidiary obtained a loan of 200 million dollars.
available for public inspection of the British Virgin Islands corporate filings, Li Hejun name hanergy holding company subsidiary of GL wind farm on May 18 to 795 million Chinese thin-film energy shares as collateral, from China huarong International Holdings Limited, a $ 200 million loan.
Hina films close to 75% owned by Li Hejun, 795 million shares of the listed company at the time worth 5.8 billion Hong Kong dollars (747 million US dollars). But on May 20 opening in less than an hour, Chinese thin film energy and 47% shares suspended from trading. BACK

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