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Man with a loan of 200,000 stock basic light lenders sued his wife

In recent times, more and more public participation in the stock market. On May 28, the xiaoxiang morning news reporters learned from the Changsha City Bureau of Justice 12348 legal service hotline, so far this year, issues relating to legal advisory and equity hotlines doubled compared with previous years growth.
case one: her husband 200,000 loan stock, loan companies
a lady sued his wife (unnamed): my husband was a loan of 200,000 into the stock market, did not tell me in advance, wait until the loan company debt to a home I knew. There had been losses much left. Going to court and my loan lending company said. I haven't used this money, why should I have to pay? I can sue a divorce?
determine the debts during the marriage is personal debt or marital debt, mainly from two aspects to consider: one is watching couples have no debt accord, the second is whether operating income used to maintain family life needs for living purposes or to engage in business activity caused by debt.
the 19th article of the law on marriage "couple of property acquired during marriage are in the separate, debts owed by the husband and wife outside, third person know the conventions, party all property to the husband or the wife paid. "Here the" spouse personally the debt "should be directed at individuals in their own name for the debts of a common life. So judge the husband-wife relationship unauthorized stock acquired during the party's debt is a common debt owed, is to see whether stock earnings to family life. Hidden wife loan stock not for couples to live together, families did not benefit, and so cannot be considered marital debt. BACK

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