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Mortgage process buyers should pay attention to what

in daily of life in the, compared some users may will for other of various of reasons, will appeared with housing to mortgage loan of thing, so what is housing mortgage loan does? in housing mortgage loan of process in the, we should note which matters does?
housing mortgage loan, is refers to borrowing people to by purchased housing and other has ownership of property as mortgage or pledge, or by third human its loan provides guarantee and bear joint responsibility of loan. So, you know, for mortgage loans do need to pay attention to what?

know you can apply for credit
loan application to the Bank first to the person in charge know they can apply for loan types, each loan in the loans required to provide material, on the borrower's requirements, whether the credit cycle have any different.

repayment way of select
application loan Shi Bank General will has variety repayment way can select, repayment way the has pros and cons, by months coupon, and any debt has money Shi can any also loan, reduced interest spending, but monthly to on time paid interest; due one-time debt coupon in ahead of repayment Shi Bank will some limit, but monthly without pay interest; matching principal and interest and matching principal repayment way monthly are to debt coupon, and ahead of repayment Shi Bank also will some limit.

ask for loans when interest rates enquiry, the loan interest rate
, the most important thing is to ask the loan interest rate favourable terms. Loan bank deposits more can get lower interest rates.

with tips
loans available, spent time as short as possible, because the half life of the benchmark interest rate of 4.35 per thousand, and the one-year benchmark interest rate of 4.65 per thousand, if you consider the interest rate floating ratio, difference in loan interest even more.


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