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Myanmar will use Korea-loans Yangon Darla bridge

The Myanmar Times English Edition, May 29: the 28th Parliament approved the use of $ 138 million of Myanmar Korea loan to build a connecting Yangon and Darla's bridge. It is reported that the loans by Korea to the Myanmar Ministry of construction for the economic development cooperation fund loan period of 40 years, grace period is 15 years, the annual interest rate 0.01%, service fees for loan 0.1%. Remaining $ 30.3 million construction cost of the bridge will be paid by the Myanmar side. Reportedly, Ding said, shuttle, Vice Minister, Ministry of construction of Myanmar, bridge construction project will be implemented by Korea technical staff commitment while also employing Myanmar workers and experts. Reports that Rangoon-Darla the final design of the bridge has yet to be determined, is expected about 49 meters high, 251 metres wide, under the bridge passable 15000-ton vessel. BACK

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