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New loan approved months-18%

Meridian mortgage referral Liu Yuanyuan, Chief economic analyst said yesterday that after the 7th round of tightening mortgage measures to freeze the market purchasing power April mortgage figures all fell. According to the HKMA's latest data, new access to mortgage loans only 6,189 April, compared with March 30% to decrease in the amount of 29.4% to 20.598 billion. Although the property market has new support, but failed to prop up the broader market, April 4.1% reduction in the number of new applications for mortgage loans than in March from 10,007. New mortgage loans approved in amounts and reported a number of 22.767 billion and 6,690 monthly plunge in 18.9% and 18.2%, mortgage loans 6.124 billion yuan, a monthly 11.5%, to a decline in secondary mortgages larger, fell 22.3% to 12.089 billion yuan.
sum up the first 4 months of this year, the new loan amount and the number of cases reported a total of 87.2 billion yuan and 26,676, 18,293 and 53.1 billion yuan compared with the previous year, increased by 64.1% and 45.8% respectively; as for the first 4 months of this year recorded a new mortgage loan amount of 107.8 billion yuan, representing an increase of 71.8 billion yuan in the same period last year of about 50%. BACK

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