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Small guaranteed loans to support employment in our city remarkable

Recently, this reporter learned from the people Club, 1 to April this year, the city take advantage of small secured loans, enabling direct venture 2874 visitors, employment 11082 times, small guaranteed loans to support employment work achieved significant results.
it is understood that under the influence of downward pressure on the economy as a whole, the city's employment situation is not optimistic, people Club actively implementing employment support policies, focus on reducing the threshold for undertaking, combining functions, use a small amount of secured loans guide college graduates, urban registered unemployed persons, migrant workers, local entrepreneurship and local employment. From 1 April, the city issued small secured loan of 310 million Yuan, raising of the guarantee fund of 1.3 million Yuan, which supports individual business interest loans 251 million Yuan to support labor-intensive enterprises subsidized loans of 50 million Yuan. BACK

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