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Commuters without a mortgage

Commuters without a mortgage

Salaried payroll loans unsecured loans:
1: pleasant credit: 4000 a month can apply for interest 0.78~1.89%, line 2~50, 1-day letter. Application documents: ID card, proof, proof of residence, half water, you can apply online. Agencies, institutions, State-owned enterprises, school teachers, employees may apply for large enterprises.
2: incomes of more than 2000 Yuan a month you can apply for, lines 2~50, interest and 2.33%,1 the world. Information: ID card, have demonstrated that six months water proof. This wide range of products and services, Office workers may apply for.
3: elite credit: earning more than 2000 high quality units, employees may apply for large enterprises, 1 letter of interest 1.89%, lines 2~50. Information and payroll loan the same

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