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Loan questions

use of personal loans should pay attention to what issues?

1, and personal loan to has clear uses, and should meet legal regulations provides and national about policy, trading background real, shall not fictional trading background and loan uses;

2, and personal loan of using should followed integrity principles, meet borrowing contract in the agreed of uses, according to national existing provides, loan funds shall not violations into stock, and real estate development, national expressly ban into of field;

3, and loan purchase housing of, Should be in accordance with State regulations apply for personal housing loans, in accordance with current national regulations, consumer loan is prohibited from being used to purchase a home. Generally speaking, an application regular personal loan, the authority will consider your ability to repay. In order to avoid risks, to avoid unnecessary trouble, do not believe that an identity card will be able to get loans, so when the confusion between true and false, administration for industry and commerce on the website name and registration information for this company. The most important point is that in the loan account before you do not pay any fee, as long as you prepay interest, fees, property, you can be sure all scammers.

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